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Fansadox Collection 477 - Lesbi K Leih - Librarian 3: Stacked & Bound


The "Librarian" series reaches its final, dramatic conclusion in this absolutely thrilling comic! Geoffrey Merrick is a master storyteller of suspense, anticipation, and desperation, and all of it is lovingly crafted by the skillful, succulent, and erotic artwork of Lesbi K Leih! This comic isn’t one you’ll forget!
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Fansadox Collection 468 - Predondo - The Hotties Next Door - Part 8


You won’t believe what you see next in this crazy comic and continuation of the "Hotties Next Door” series! Predondo creates some of the sickest and most perverted stuff, and this comic really takes the cake! Things get dark in the deep south as everyone wants a piece of the new tail in town!
admin - 20-04-2018, 15:37

Fansadox Collection 43 - Fernando - Revenge


Revenge. One of the best comics by Fernando!
admin - 12-04-2018, 21:30

Fansadox Collection 474 - Fernando - Tourist Trap


Fernando begins a new and exciting series set in the neon lights of metropolitan Japan! These haughty she devils should’ve known better before they came to the orient! Now they find themselves trapped in a downward spiral of sex, slavery, and absolute humiliation! The fun has just begun in this great and amazing adventure!

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Fansadox Collection 476 - Arieta - Bad Lieutenant 7: Whored Heiress


Read part 7 of the incredible story, inspired by the film noir detective genre. The Bad Lieutenant saga is a rich world of character and story. Brought to life by author Robinja and artist Arieta.
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Fansadox Collection 93 - Lesbi K Leih - Librarian 2


LIBRARIAN 2 continues the greatest tradition of D.I.D. excitement from a legendary writer and an exceptional artist. If you love damsels in distress, you’ll love Librarian 2. An absolute must for the d.i.d. fan. There’s never been another like it! Truly the greatest of its kind!

Fansadox Collection 82 - Lesbi K Leih - Librarian


Librarian. An absolute must for the d.i.d. fan. There’s never been another like it! Truly the greatest of its kind!
admin - 23-03-2018, 15:55

Fansadox Collection 157 - Ferres - Tempest


Astonishing art by Ferres! One of the best comics ever published a completely revised version for this edition. Beautiful heroines rise up against the new, despotic order!
admin - 25-02-2018, 20:38

Fansadox Collection 88 - Casette - The Formula


Awesome images and a great story by new artist Casette.
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admin - 20-02-2018, 23:55

Fansadox Collection 51 - Fernando - Hard Ride


A remote Cabin, three lovely women and a horde of ruthless bikers...
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admin - 20-02-2018, 00:59

Fansadox Collection 56 - Fernando - Indentured


An highly charged erotic tale of the triumph of lust and depravity over stern self-denial! You will enjoy the magnificent, stirring artwork by FERNANDO!

 Fansadox Collection 285 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 8: The Favorite


Erenisch comics have become famous for both their intensity and their creativity. the "Birthday Gift" series boasts the largest cast of characters and the most fully developed universe of any BDSM comic. Immerse yourself in the world, and feel what it's like to go to a high school where every girl you see is yours for the taking...

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Fansadox Collection 353 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 10: Lovelust


Erenisch provides another brilliant chapter in the "Birthday Gift” Saga! Full of intricate detail and shocking cruelty, Erenisch paints a world where the ultimate male patriarchy rules and where women have no rights at all! Birthday Gift 10 has another surprise twist that you won’t want to miss, created in loving, stunning artistic detail!
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Fansadox Collection 311 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 9: Vengeance


"Birthday Gift 9” sizzles with tension and hot artwork, and packs a story that demands to be read again and again! Don't miss this stunning masterpiece!
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