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    Fansadox Collection 473 - Cagri - Wild


    Cagri does it again in this shocking and shameful display of sickening and savage sadism! Spoiled and coddled Linda learns that life isn’t fair when she’s whipped and left raw and screaming! Things get worse for unlucky Linda as the night goes on… much, much worse! Linda had better keep up her
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    Fansadox Collection 480 - Predondo - The Hotties Next Door - Part 9


    This amazing continuation of the "Hotties Next Door” saga is hot, hot, hot! Full of sick sex scenes and hot, horny whores, you’ll lust over every beautifully illustrated page! Predondo is one of the best illustrators in the stable, and his thrillingly twisted pics will leave you wanting more, more, more!
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    Two beautiful reporters fall victim to the crazed members of an evil sect. Medieval racks and punishment devices, iron cages, crosses... The sexy reporters will suffer terribly at the hands of a bunch of cruel fanatics!
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    Fansadox Collection 126 - Ken - Vip Prey


    A young hollywood starlet is prey to a crazed gang! A new, hot BDSM story by new artist Ken! Great, realistic art!
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    admin - 1-02-2019, 22:08

    Fansadox Collection 305 - Cagri - Family Business


    One poor young girl becomes the outlet for a lifetime of frustration. She will pay for all her snotty, proud behavior in the past. Family business is a story of intimate degradation.
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    Fansadox Collection 304 - Cagri - 2061 AD


    Society has collapsed after world war 3. Now low-life scum can abuse and punish women who were once off limits. Life has become a nightmare for the many women who are captured and abused.
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    Fansadox Collection 162 - Alexandersson - Wild West


    The only two girls in vulture creek are jailed and forced to pay their father's unpaid taxes with their hot, beautiful young bodies!
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    Fansadox Collection 138 - Alexandersoon - Calvary Of A Nun


    An innocent young nun is held prisoner by criminals. Kept in her 'captors' workshop, the young nun soon forgets the placid life of the convent... A great comic by new artist Alexandersson!

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    admin - 30-01-2019, 20:32

    Fansadox Collection 446 - Slasher - Toy In The Attic


    Slasher stuns yet again with this shocking story of suburban perversion! What goes wrong when innocence is corrupted by misogyny, brutality, and violence? What can happen when a monster raises a monster? One girl goes missing in this awful beginning when a boy is led down a dark, dark way!
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    Fansadox Collection 349 - Cagri - The Last Holiday


    A rebellion of sex and suffering that they can’t escape! A family holiday that turns into a relentless nightmare! Cagri’s brings you another amazing tale filled with his intoxicating imagery! a definite must-see!
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    Fansadox Collection 359 - Cagri - Trapped Journalist


    Cagri's comic of a journalist brought low by her own arrogance is filled with so much pain, humiliation and fear that it'll please even the most hardened reader! You'll not be disappointed in Cagri's latest opus, trapped journalist!

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    Fansadox Collection 358 - Cagri - Julia & Wanda


    Cagri brings you a story of anguish and guilt, filled with plenty of his amazing pictures featuring beautiful women taking hard, oversized cocks and getting their tight bodies abused in every manner! This is the kind of hard, brutal fantasy you've been waiting for!
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    Fansadox Collection 167 - Lesbi K Leih - Stripper


    She tried to rip him off and it went badly wrong... The angry tycoon decides to 'hire' the girl in his private nightclub and to train her in some very special numbers... An exciting story and wonderfully explicit artwork by Lesbi K Leih, the leading female illustrator in BDSM.
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    Fansadox Collection 151 - Lesbi K Leih - Truck To Hell


    Young beautiful girls locked naked in the back of a red truck at the mercy of a driver. Don't miss Lesbi K Leih’s come back and her lovely, desperate young heroines!
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