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 Fansadox Collection 285 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 8: The Favorite


Erenisch comics have become famous for both their intensity and their creativity. the "Birthday Gift" series boasts the largest cast of characters and the most fully developed universe of any BDSM comic. Immerse yourself in the world, and feel what it's like to go to a high school where every girl you see is yours for the taking...

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Fansadox Collection 353 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 10: Lovelust


Erenisch provides another brilliant chapter in the "Birthday Gift” Saga! Full of intricate detail and shocking cruelty, Erenisch paints a world where the ultimate male patriarchy rules and where women have no rights at all! Birthday Gift 10 has another surprise twist that you won’t want to miss, created in loving, stunning artistic detail!
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Fansadox Collection 311 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 9: Vengeance


"Birthday Gift 9” sizzles with tension and hot artwork, and packs a story that demands to be read again and again! Don't miss this stunning masterpiece!
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Fansadox Collection 285 - Erenisch - The Birthday Gift 8: The Favorite


Continuing the legendary series, Erenisch reveals more about his erotic male-dominated utopia than anyone dreamed possible! With full color graphics and a twisted storyline that will satisfy every reader, this comic thrills with every page.

NEW! Fansadox Collection 470 - Erenisch - The Game


Erenisch comics prove that complex story telling can be sexy as hell! Prepare for a future full of amazing possibilities...
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Fansadox Collection 253 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 7: The Exchange


When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought, sold and rented. she becomes her owner's property! Sexy Maggie sweetie's owner celebrates his 19th Birthday and the girl's first year as his slave! Extremely hot girl-next-door, humiliation comic!

Fansadox Collection 465 - Erenisch - Karma - Part 2


Erenisch comics continue to experiment and lead the way, taking erotic story-telling in bold new places, and it’s sexy as hell! Imagine a future where every girl you see is yours for the taking…

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Fansadox Collection 76 - Fernando - Space Pirates


A cargo of beautiful young women sold on planet Moskaw as pets of a superior species! Do not miss this splendid comic fully packed with sex and action! A new Fernando masterpiece!

Fansadox Collection 236 - Erenisch - Birthday Gift 6: Family Reunion


When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought, sold and rented. she becomes her owner's property! Mother and daughter owned by the same old bastard!!! Extremely hot girl-next-door, humiliation comic!!

Fansadox Collection 462 - Fernando - Snatcher 2: Cosprey


Fernando and Geoffrey Merrick team up and return with this exciting extravaganza of epic proportions! A dark and erotic world of white slavery runs beneath the benign surface of a nerdy, cosplay convention! The truth is too shocking and horrifying to even imagine!
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Fansadox Collection 121 - Lesbi K Leih - The Snatcher


The snatcher. Geoff Merrick exciting stories perfectly portrayed by Lesbi K Leih! A great tandem you can't afford to miss! The 1st adult comic album specially written by Geoffrey Merrick great art by Lesbi K Leih.
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admin - 10-09-2017, 11:12

Fansadox Collection 439 - Slasher - Sorority House Terror


Slasher is one of the best artists out there, and he doesn’t disappoint with this thrilling and chilling new issue full of vintage fucking and sucking! Lovingly illustrated and full of the hottest, rawest, and most perverted images out there, this is our best issue yet! You don’t want to miss this exciting, action packed adventure, brought to you here!

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admin - 7-09-2017, 16:20

Fansadox Collection 461 - Ferres - Emma's Grief


Ferres returns with another erotic episode of his shorties series in this stunning and spectacular show! You’ll be shocked at this display of wanton carnality unleashed upon this unsuspecting, english maiden! Things go from bad to worse as Emma’s gentle sensibilities are ripped away, and she is made to serve her cruel and sadistic lesbian cousin!
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Fansadox Collection 460 - Arieta - Bad Lieutenant 6: Subjugation


Read part 6 of the incredible story, inspired by the film noir detective genre. The Bad Lieutenant saga is a rich world of character and story. Brought to life by author Robinja and artist Arieta.