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Fansadox Collection 272 - Lawless - Betrayed Secret Agent


Loaded with Betrayals, double crosses and a shocking finale, Lawless makes his DoFantasy debut with an unforgettable comic you won’t want to miss! Grab a martini and prepare to be shaken and stirred as Lawless takes you on a twisted journey for your eyes only!
admin - 19-08-2018, 21:11

Fansadox Collection 224 - Coax - Hostel Eden


Eva and Maria, full-bodied, beautiful young women, find themselves caught in a never-ending nightmare of perversion, lust and sexual depravity.
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admin - 17-08-2018, 21:03

Fansadox Collection 268 - Celestin - Fatal Mistake


The explosive first comic from DoFantasy newcomer world class artist Celestin is here! Bringing his unique and exciting touch to graphic novels, Celestin has created a story you’re bound to enjoy again and again.

Fansadox Collection 301 - Viktor - Prey!


This doctor is sicker than a hospital during flu season, and nothing can cure his obsession with tall, beautiful women who need to be taught humility! VIktor knows how to craft stories that keep readers riveted, and he comes through with his latest comic documenting the exploits of the Internet’s most famous and feared dwarf: Dr. Nerd!

Fansadox Collection 269 - Viktor - The Mad Doctor


Viktor twists medical bondage fantasies in completely new and unexpected ways that will shock and delight readers. So packed with hot action and exciting scenes that a standard sized comic couldn’t hold them all! This is an extended comic with extra pages brimming with intense artwork.

Fansadox Collection 234 - Viktor - Private Property


A stunningly beautiful and rich brunette is the victim of a twisted dwarf! He’s carefully planned a world of humiliation and torment for the terrified young woman...

Fansadox Collection 295 - Predondo - Uprising In West Africa


Sherry and Mia from 'The Long Journey' are in for their most horrifying ordeal yet! Hard images and cruel torments are the hallmark of Predondo! The incredibly popular DoFantasy artist returns with another gripping story which ties his previous shocking stories together. Contains new adventures of characters you’ve come to know, and introduces new ones you won’t believe!

Fansadox Collection 264 - Predondo - The Longest Journey


Predondo has done more than just risen through the ranks of excellent erotic artists  he’s seized the title with both hands, wrestled it to the ground and tied it in knots! His second DoFantasy title secures his place as one of the most dominant artists working in the field today!

Fansadox Collection 194 - Viktor - Beach Hunter Part 2


The long awaited second part of acclaimed Beach Hunter! Don’t miss Viktor’s incredibly hot babies in distress! Four beach hotties in the hands of a mad toilet cleaner! A comic to be enjoyed again and again!

Fansadox Collection 176 - Viktor - Beach Hunter


A spurned toilet cleaner decides to become a beach girl collector! Hot babies - incredible art - terrific plot!
admin - 24-07-2018, 15:45

Fansadox Collection 345 - Predondo - Victoria's Sacred


This exciting new tale from the twisted mind of Predondo is his hardest and most extreme one yet! You’ll be absolutely shocked as you watch these poor, helpless girls endure the cruelest and hardest torment and abuse!
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admin - 24-07-2018, 15:29

Fansadox Collection 252 - Predondo - Gentlemen's Club: The Auction


Gentlemen's Club: The Auction sets the stage for a completely new story that will play out before you eyes, page after page! A shocking peek behind the curtain of the wealthy, and the young women trapped in their web of power.
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Fansadox Collection 215 - Templeton - Ruthless Biker


A young couple traveling in a motorhome gets assaulted by a ruthless biker... Slaves of a biker gang! A nightmare of shame and terror. The best Templeton!!!

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Fansadox Collection 233 - Templeton - Moron Joss


The brightest and hottest cheerleader on campus is the captive of moron joss, a retarded, lust crazed janitor!
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