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Fansadox Collection 27 - Fernando - Cage Truck


Non stop action in this truckers story across America. A powerful sex slave ring operates in the West Coast. Trucker mafia takes care of the recruitment...

Fansadox Collection 458 - Feather - Egypt Adventure


Dive into this thrilling and sexy adventure! Inspired by stories like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, and brought to life by the unique imagination of Feather.

NEW! Fansadox Collection 466 - Feather- Devil Incantation #2


Feather is a legendary master of his craft, and this exciting issue is one of his best yet! You don’t want to miss this thrilling finale to the devil incantation series! Strength will be tested! Dark magic will be invoked! And the shocking conclusion will leave you wanting more!
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Fansadox Collection 333 - Slasher - Pervy Pete's Blog


Steaming, intimate action between the predator and his prey... Horror, panic, and humiliation... Pervy pete uses all of them in a perverted, masterful way...
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Fansadox Collection 278 - Slasher - Missing Sorority Sisters


Four sexy friends get charmed by the american south, and discover a sub-culture they never read about in their travel books. They can’t believe their eyes, and you won’t either!

Fansadox Collection 223 - Templeton - Mobster's Vendetta


Beautiful women victims of a blood stained mobsters war! Visit the dolls’ den, a smoke clouded hell of perversion and humiliation for the young, beautiful women held there..
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Fansadox Collection 225 - Carjim - Biking To Hell


Two beautiful women plus three sex-craved men equal sex, lust and… unspeakable perversions!

Fansadox Sickest Collection 16 - Lesbi K Leih - Sweet Revenge


A foot fetishist spends two years of his life in prison. He was tried and convicted for harassing the lovely daughters of a well known fashion shoe manufacturer. Now it is time for revenge...

Fansadox Collection 331 - Glowsester - Smugglers Cove


Glowcester weaves a story of danger and domination which has fans of adult graphic novels coming back for more! If you’ve ever fantasized about what happens when the 1% is put at the mercy of the 99%, this story is the answer to your prayers!

Fansadox Collection 316 - Glowsester - Wedding Raid


Two Mexican drug cartels battle for supremacy on the border, with sexy blonde Sheila Lions caught in the crossfire! Between plots of revenge and retribution, a cruel trap is sprung: marrying her to the perverted son of Imperio Salvajaтs druglord!
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Fansadox Collection 330 - Yuting - Ambush In Shanghai


Superbly and vividly illustrated by the talented new artist Yuting, this tale of political intrigue and lust, entices the reader into a tale of heart-pounding fantasy BDSM. Captivated in this dark taboo world, the reader witnesses at first hand the intricate details of detention, bondage, humiliation and abuse of two beautiful girls.

Fansadox Collection 479 - Erenisch - For Rent!


Erenisch comics prove that complex story telling can be sexy as hell!!! Prepare for a future full of amazing possibilities…
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Fansadox Collection 471 - Ferres - The Proto - Part 2


Ferres is a master of the craft and paints a lavish and richly detailed world full of drama and intrigue and, of course, hot, hot action! The fate of the zola crew will shock even the most hardened heart, and you won’t believe what these girls will suffer at the hands of their sinister captors! Epic events are set in motion in this exciting chapter of "The Proto” saga!

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Fansadox Collection 267 - Slasher - The Stepfather


Going beyond anything you’ve seen before, Slasher has created another stunning comic which will leave you breathless! This is a shocking story, fully illustrated and complete. Nothing has been left out!