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    Fansadox Collection 233 - Templeton - Moron Joss

    Fansadox Collection 233 - Templeton - Moron Joss


    [DoFantasy] Fansadox Collection #233 - Moron Joss

    Templeton | English | True PDF | 89 pages | 14.05 Mb

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    The brightest and hottest cheerleader on campus is the captive of moron joss, a retarded, lust crazed janitor!


    All characters are 18 years old or older. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. The characters are shown participating in CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal satisfaction, simulating activities which involve sexual dominance and submission. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.



    Lindsey Borne is a bright cheerleader with a great future ahead of her.  She’s an honor student and dating the star baseball player at her school.  Everyone on campus loves the beautiful young woman, with one exception…

    Moron Joss is a retarded school janitor.  Slow witted and clumsy, he burns with shame under the constant teasing from the students.  Mortified by his ugliness and awkwardness with women, he’s a powder-keg of rage and lust ready to explode.  

    Joss has no friends of his own.  The closest thing he’s ever had to a real conversation are the long talks with his plastic mannequin "Dollie”.

    Joss built Dollie to satisfy his need for female companionship.  With Dollie he feels less like the dim-witted moron everyone tells him he is.  After years of only having the mute doll as his only companion, Joss has a hard time separating fantasy from reality.  In the grubby house, Joss becomes the smart, self-assured man he’s always wanted to be.  While each day brings moments of awkwardness and shame, at night he can pretend to be a strong, confident man.


    When Lindsey Borne flirts with her boyfriend in front of him, she becomes his object of obsession and revenge!

    The best and brightest students go to college where they laugh and socialize while studying for a bright future.  But not everyone at the school is young, or preparing for a lifetime of happiness.  Joss is the school’s custodian.  After a lifetime of being made fun of for being slow and ugly, he spends his days cleaning up after the students.  Each girl he sees is forever out of his reach.  What beautiful and successful young woman would be even think of having a moron as a boyfriend?

    Joss is an object of fun for the cheerleaders at the school.  Seeing him as nothing more than a harmless retard, they delight in flaunting their firm bodies in front of him.  To Lindsey Borne, Joss is merely a simple dolt.  She’s spent her life surrounded by friends envious of her beauty and energetic nature.  She sees nothing wrong with having fun at Joss’ expense.  The longing in his eyes as she walks by is just proof of her good looks...

    "Look who crawled out from under his rock!
    Joss the Moron... he's so gross!"

    "Your mammoth pecker hard just for us? 
    That’s so sweet!  It looks like a tree planted in your fat belly!"

    "Boy... you’re every girl’s dream! 
    Maybe you’ll take us out sometime
    and give us a feel of that monster hard-on!"

    Knowing that she can have any boy she wants, she sets her sights on Alex.  Alex is the school stud.  A popular boy and excellent athlete, his handsome face has captured her heart completely.  Using her beauty and charm, she catches his eye and it isn’t long before the two are a couple.

    While hauling garbage at the school one day, Joss sees the two of them kissingThe sight makes the thick headed janitor finally reach his breaking point.  In Lindsey he sees everything that he can’t have.  He’ll never have a lovely young woman eagerly throwing herself at him, longing for his touch and the feel of his lips on hers.  Envy fills him as he watches...

    Oh yes! Yes... Alex, kiss me in front of everybody.
    Show them I’m your girlfriend and make them jealous. Mmmmm!

    He knows he’s fat and ugly, and that all the students laugh at him behind his back.  When Lindsey deliberately provokes him by making out with Alex in front of him, Joss decides he’s had enough.

    Living alone, shunned by everyone, Joss has plenty of time to plan how he’ll get a woman and train her to submit to him.  The moron doesn’t just want a woman for sex, he wants a woman to be fully under his thumb.  A sexy young woman who will submit to whatever dark prevision his slow mind can dream up.  Alone in his shabby house, Joss creates the perfect training room in a small, sweltering and claustrophobic basement and sets a trap for the beautiful blonde cheerleader.

    Although ignored by everyone around him, Joss has always been watchful.  He knows how the students talk to each other through chat rooms and on their Fakebook sites.  With single minded determination that only comes from complete obsession, Joss teaches himself how to hack into the social networking site.  Breaking into Alex’s Fakebook account, he pretends to be the handsome jock and chats with Lindsey.  The experience is better than anything he’s ever felt before.  For the first time ever, a beautiful woman is talking to him! 

    Having grown used to seeing looks of pity in the eyes of any woman he approaches, suddenly he has a sexy woman hanging on his every word.  Emboldened by his success, he asks her out on a date....

    "Hey Lindsey, you there? This is Alex. I’m at the library right now,
    and I’m the only person here. Are you up for a date tonight?
    Don’t tell anyone though, we’ll make it a secret get-together."

    Thinking she’s still taking to her boyfriend, Lindsey agrees.  Swearing her to secrecy, Joss tells her to meet him on the secluded campus late at night for an evening she won’t forget.

    Lindsey is excited about sharing a romantic evening with her boyfriend and prepares to show him the time of his life.  She slips on the most revealing dress she has and straps on the sexiest pumps she owns.

    "All right Alex, you better be playing your "A" game!
    Because tonight, you’re rounding all my bases, and hitting a home run!
    I’m a very naughty girl after 10pm!"

    Assured that her firm body and large, firm, stunning chest can get her anything she wants, Lindsey races off to the secret rendezvous.  

    Too late she realizes the date is a fatal mistake that will change her young life forever...

    With Lindsey under his control, Joss can’t wait to put his twisted plan into action.  His loneliness is finally over.  He’ll finally have the companionship he’s always been denied.  To him, she is the end of all his shame, and isolation. With the beautiful cheerleader in his power, he’ll finally get the respect he thinks he’s due...

    "Wow! Never saw a piece of fuck-meat so
    conveniently wrapped up for delivery before..."

    Nothing in Lindsey’s life has prepared her for the experience of waking up in that humid, dark, horrible cell.  Blindfolded, gagged and painfully chained by the wrists and ankles, she’s horrified to discover that she’s been snatched away from her comfortable life and thrust into a depraved world of misery and suffering...

    "Dammit Joss, you did it!
    You've got yourself the hottest cunt
    on campus to play with as you want..."

    Lindsay finds herself an object of sick obsession.  For the first time ever, she won’t be able to flirt or sweet-talk her way out of trouble....

    The hot cheerleader is used to instantly melting any man's heart by batting her wide, green eyes.  But Joss is not like any other man she’s ever met.  Years of ridicule have hardened him and made him cold and mean.  He doesn’t want to be her friend.  He wants to own her as completely as Dollie, the battered plastic doll he talks to and fucks night after night...

    Stickyhole? Crotchlicker? Honey Cunt? I gotta find a proper name
    for ya, whore.  You’re my pet now, and all pets get funny names...
    Cockgobbler... Dicksucker...
    I know! I’ll call you Cumguzzler!

    Lindsey's curvaceous body works against her.  The sight of the shapely woman bound before him unleashes all of Joss’ pent up rage and lust...

    "Oh yes, Lindsey...
    I’ve always wanted to own a blond cunt like you..."

    Lindsey is going to have to summon every ounce of strength she has while being Joss’ helpless plaything...
    "That’s it, all wrapped up like a birthday present for Joss the Moron!
    This will teach you who owns you now. You gonna shit, pee, fuck
    and eat only when I allow it!"

    She is extremely beautiful, but also very intelligent. She knows that Joss is unstable and won’t hesitate to punish her for the slightest reason.

    "AAAAHHHH! Cumguzzler will obey Master!
    Cumguzzler will be a good pet! Please!
    EEIAAAIIEEE!!! Cumguzzler will be good!"

    When Joss wants to have a ‘civilized’ conversation with her 'to know each other better', she’ll have to think fast and put on the most convincing performance of her life!  If she can convince the moron that she cares for him, seduce him with words as well as her bodily charms, then she might get the opportunity she needs to escape this living nightmare.

    But to the girl's dismay, the conversation is far from being 'civilized'...

    "See this? It’s a simple remote. But it doesn’t work on a TV,
    it's made to control a bitch in heat. It has two buttons,
    one operates the buzzing vibes, the other takes care of your fat tits..."

    Joss probes deeper and deeper into her mind.  He asks her the most personal questions imaginable, uncovering every aspect of Lindsey’s life.  The experience is beyond his wildest fantasies.  As the questions become more intimate, his grasp on reality begins to slip.  He tries to understand why Lindsey would "two-time” him with Alex.  Was she just trying to get his attention?  Did she want to make him jealous so he’d ask her out on a date?  Confusion clouds his mind, and he seeks answers by using cunning and mindless force...


    Joss pushes into her mind, controlling her with threats and punishments until Lindsey starts to realize the full scope of the danger she’s in.  The dangers to her mind are as great as the punishments are to her body.  If Joss the moron is determined to break her spirit and reduce her to the willing toy he’s always wanted, how can she possibly resist?  

    Joss gradually learns all her innermost secrets, all her fears and weaknesses, and uses them to punish and humiliate her further.  Lindsey knows time is running out.  If she can’t escape his diabolical trap quickly, she will actually become a moron's mindless plaything!

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