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    Fansadox Collection 82 - Lesbi K Leih - Librarian

    Fansadox Collection 82 - Lesbi K Leih - Librarian


    [DoFantasy] Fansadox Collection #82 - Librarian

    Lesbi K Leih & Geoff Merrick | English | True PDF | 63 pages | 6.03 Mb

    Decrypted PDF version

    Librarian. An absolute must for the d.i.d. fan. There’s never been another like it! Truly the greatest of its kind!


    All characters are 18 years old or older. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. The characters are shown participating in CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal satisfaction, simulating activities which involve sexual dominance and submission. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.

    Anytown USA, Today.

    Claire Coleman is a beautiful, sweet, young lady. New to a small, quiet, suburban town, she gets the job of her dreams at the local library. A whole new life of love, happiness, and independence is about to begin….

    Only one problem. On her walk home, she is approached by a handsome young man from the neighborhood. She smiles and opens her mouth to say a bright, cheery hello….


    From that moment on, the kind, lovely girl is plunged into a nightmare of mouth-cramming gags, and severe bondage.


    She is dragged into his quiet, non-descript house...

    ... drugged...


    ...and subjected to the creepiest treatments the young man can devise...


    He taunts and tempts her...

    ...keeping the hope of freedom just tantalizingly out of reach….

    He binds her, gags her, sedates her, measures her most intimate orifices, films her, and steals the sexiest clothes from her apartment – all while hinting at insidious things to come….

    The police are on the lookout for her, but Claire’s evil captor is even ready for that, having prepared a very special hiding place for her…

    Her nipples and clits wired her mouth spurting semen. Claire struggled desperately for escape. Can she reach freedom? Can she even survive?

    FANSADOX COL 82 LIBRARIAN Electronic PDF format in ENGLISH

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