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    [Morey Studio] - 2016-11-15 - Bente (Prague) - Set P2A

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    [Morey Studio] - 2016-11-15 - Bente (Prague) - Set P2A


    [Morey Studio] - 2016-11-15 - Bente (Prague) - Set P2A

    Craig Morey | 91 jpg | 1993×3000 | 102.98 Mb

    This series of Benté was done on one of my first trips to the Czech Republic. She was one of the beginners - young and not quite sure of herself, but very happy to be there. She has an impish little smile that says she's having just as much fun as you'll have looking at her. I've purposely left these relatively natural and unretouched, which with the dim natural light gives the impression of casual snapshots, as opposed to the standard strobe look. So you'll see a few natural scars, and some blurred and grainy shots - think of them as pics you might take of a girlfriend in a hotel room.

    Morey's work isn't artsy fluff. There is an edge to it, a clearly confrontational sexuality highlighted in the use of bondage motifs in some of the photos as well as traditionally beautiful women (and men, to a far lesser degree). These are not photos you can hang on the wall and pretend that you don't see the carnality; these pictures are intended to arouse.

    [Morey Studio] - 2016-11-15 - Bente (Prague) - Set P2A

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