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    Fansadox Collection 226 - Fernando - Sex Wars

    Fansadox Collection 226 - Fernando - Sex Wars


    [DoFantasy] Fansadox Collection #226 - Sex Wars

    Fernando | English | True PDF | 92 pages | 16.12 Mb

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    In a world where the ratio of women to men is 1 to 10,000, the strength and status of a tribe is in direct proportion to the number of female slaves in its possession!


    All characters are 18 years old or older. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. The characters are shown participating in CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal satisfaction, simulating activities which involve sexual dominance and submission. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.



    The end came in 2012.  But it did not come as a nuclear war or some cataclysmic devastation as many had predicted.  It came in the form of a deadly virus that affected only the world’s female population.  By late 2013, there was only one female for every 2,000 males on earth.

    Nobody had anticipated the havoc that this imbalance would create.  One by one, small governments collapsed under the weight of the socio-economic impact of the pandemic.  Given the extreme shortage of women, world population plummeted.  The birth rate was insignificantly small in comparison with the huge number of deaths.  The world economic order imploded and civilization took a permanent nosedive into the unknown...

    By the year 2075, most state governments had disintegrated.  Mass starvation had wiped out billions of people, and chaos reigned for a generation.   Wars broke out between cities, towns and villages for access to precious resources.  There was now only one female for every 5,000 males, and possession of women became a major cause of conflict in and between regions.

    The United States of America disintegrated on the 300th anniversary of its birth in the year 2076.  The vast country was now mostly wasteland, with pockets of male populations ruled by warlords.  It is estimated that there were over 3,000 male tribes in the North American continent, ranging in size from a few hundred members to around 10,000 in the largest groups.  Each tribe keeps its own stock of female slaves to serve the sexual needs of the tribesmen.

    The strength and status of a tribe was in direct proportion to the number of female slaves in its possession...


    In this living hell, a small oasis of hope for women appeared.  In what used to be Southern California, a gigantic walled city called New Amazonia rose up out of the ruins.  Under siege for years from competing male tribes, the city has evolved to be an impenetrable fortress where women can live in safety.  

    With a thriving population of over 15,000 women, New Amazonia is now the only known place on earth where females are free from the persecution, sexual abuse and humiliation that are the norm in every other corner of the planet.  No men are allowed inside the city walls, and those that try to gain entry are quickly put to death by a highly-skilled military force.  

    The male population now stands at approximately five million, but its tribal organization and constant fighting has divided and weakened it.  The women are vastly outnumbered, but they have survived.  They have managed to repel constant invasions using technological superiority, tactical expertise, and above all the unity that their enemies lack...



    The year is 2090.  Almost 80 years ago a pandemic caused by a deadly virus killed off most of the world’s female population.  Within a year, there was only one female left for every 2,000 males on the planet.  The collapse in the number of women brought forth unexpected, yet devastating consequences.  Socio-economic institutions collapsed from plunging birth rates, and nations have fought many wars over what has become the most valuable commodity: the few surviving women on earth.

    After two generations the face of the earth is unrecognizable.  Once flourishing cities are now barren wasteland.  Civilization has collapsed and what were once strong, independent nations have fragmented into small fiefdoms of competing male tribes.  They compete for scarce resources: food, fuel, water, and most especially, women.   Primarily serving as sex slaves, women are the most sought-after commodity on earth. 

    By now, the ratio of women to men is 1 to 10,000.  The strength of a tribe, therefore, is measured by the number of female slaves it possesses.

    Out of this apocalyptic landscape arose the city of New Amazonia.  Technologically and militarily advanced, this city, with an all-female population, serves as an oasis for the oppressed women.  The city is well protected by a crack military force and huge, 150-foot concrete walls with guard towers to keep the sex-starved tribes from infiltrating.

    Outside the city, however, it is a living hell for any woman who makes the mistake of leaving the safety of its walls.


    Patrols of men scout the area and hunt down escaping slaves who are desperate to reach the safety of the city.  They are savaged and ravished at will upon capture.  In the men’s towns, women are raffled off, forced to have sex with hundreds of men a day.


    On the other hand, teams of New Amazonian soldiers, called Black Widow troops, hunt down men to collect what the city considers its most valuable commodity: male sperm.  Like their arachnid namesake, the soldiers promptly execute the men from whom they have extracted what they need.

    Most prominent of the Black Widow soldiers is Colonel Maya West.  Hailed as a hero in the city, she is greatly despised by the surrounding male populace for the number of men she has killed on her sperm-extraction operations.


    Sent on a mission to rescue the cousin of New Amazonia’s president from her male captors, Maya is caught by the strongest of male leaders.  He is named The Scorpion.
    Maya’s capture is a reason to celebrate and The Scorpion holds festivities for his town by parading the fallen soldier in complete humiliation...


    As a part of the celebration, more women are made available for free sex to the general public in an cruel and violent orgy of unlashed male lust...


    Maya’s complete degradation and humiliation continues in the private dungeon of The Scorpion...


    With the President of New Amazonia unwilling to have Maya rescued, her sister, Christine, embarks on a lone mission to save her, but an informer keeps The Scorpion aware of the unfolding plans.  Christine is caught and becomes Maya’s companion in suffering and abuse...


    Together they will find out how the enemy has outwitted them and discover how they have been sacrificed as pawns in a bigger chess game...







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