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[Met-Art] - 2009-09-20 - Dido A - Interlude

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[Met-Art] - 2009-09-20 - Dido A - Interlude


[Met-Art] - 2009-09-20 - Dido A - Interlude

Nicolas Grier | 92 jpg | 2335×3503 | 161.51 Mb

Dido is a young and liberal-minded girl who like to have adventure vacations. Climbing rocks, scuba-diving or riding across the prairie are just a few of her experiences. Now it's time to go on trying some new things ... like modelling.

Date published: 20.09.2009
Title: Interlude
Featuring: Dido A
Photographer: Nicolas Grier
Resolution: 8 megapixels - 92 photos

Dido A Bio

Age first shot:     19
Breasts:     medium
Eye color:     brown
Shaved:     shaved
Hair color:     blonde
Measurements:     35/24/31
Height:     5'3"
Country:     Czech Republic
Weight:     117 lbs
Ethnicity:     Caucasian

METART Biography:
Dido has a little secret. "Sometimes I like to be naked.” Well we are all for that. "No, I mean naked in places I am not supposed to be naked at. Such as in the park or at the mall or at the beach. I find little hiding places, places where no one can see me, I pull my skirt up or my top off and I am naked just for the thrill of it. I like to see if I can get away with it.” She blushes, "One day I will get caught but it makes me feel so alive to do, I love it!” So keep an eye out at local parks and malls guys, you never know where you might see Dido.

[Met-Art] - 2009-09-20 - Dido A - Interlude

20.09.2009 Dido A Interlude by Nicolas Grier



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