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[ShowyBeauty] - 2014-06-14 - Gabriella - Her Time

[ShowyBeauty] 2014-06-14 Gabriella - Her Time


[ShowyBeauty] - 2014-06-14 - Gabriella - Her Time

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Gabriella is a brunette Goddess. Everyone who has seen her naked can say that she is one of the hottest teens you have ever seen. The brown eyes go perfectly with her brown hair, and to add to that already perfect spectacle she has the best looking B sized titties with an equally amazing teen body. She is one of the best looking 19 year old Ukrainian teen model, that is for sure.

Name: Gabriella
ID: 339   Rank: 4.56
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Bra size: B
Country: Ukraine



HER TIME Added 2014-06-14 5600 PIXELS RES BY THIAS LOPEZ 104 images



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