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[AmourAngels] - 2012-12-28 - Anna - Pure Delights

serj6260 - 15-01-2017, 00:40

AmourAngels - 2012-12-28 - Anna - Pure Delights

[AmourAngels] - 2012-12-28 - #1361 - Anna - Pure Delights

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"Anna is another of the girls I'd have joined for. Keep up the good work, Anna. I'd like to see you in more outdoor sets".

Anna is a very tender girl with a passion for flowers and calm music. She studies philology at the university, and writes her own verses and essays. Her favorite season is autumn, when she likes to walk in the park full of fallen leaves with a book of poetry. Anna believes in miracles, and one of the miracles in her life is her wonderful body that she gladly presents to all of us on photos.

Name: Anna
ID: 14   Rate: 55
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Bra size: AA
Country: Russian Federation





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